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Once your landscape has been installed, the job is not over. After all, landscapes are composed of living plants, shrubs, and trees, all of which grow and need to be cared for. Viking Landscaping offers maintenance plans to ensure that your lawn and landscape look as good in the future as they do today. Put our expertise in irrigation system maintenance, mowing, edging and trimming lawns, fertilization services for plants, and lawns, broadleaf, moss and weed control, weeding and raking of beds, ground cover care and trimming, pruning of shrubs and hedges, fall leaf removal, litter and debris removal, sweep or blow walks, drives and parking lots to work for you and enjoy your landscape without the hard work. Viking has the capacity to complete projects of all sizes.

Viking Lawn Care is growing to become one of the top landscaping companies on the market because our goal has always been to provide the best quality landscapes around. With Viking Landscapers on the job you can be assured that all of your landscaping and irrigation needs will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner by one of the more experienced landscapers in the area.

When choosing a landscape contractor to work with, you want a landscaper who you can trust and depend on. If you're looking for a landscape designer, a landscaping company, an irrigation contractor, or just a weekly lawn care service, call Viking Lawn Care first. 

Commercial Grounds Maintenance and Turf Maintenance Services

The exterior of your building is the first impression visitors have when arriving at your office. It should never be overlooked.


At Viking Lawn Care, we offer year round commercial landscaping and lawn care services. We recognize that each property’s needs are unique, which is why our experienced staff and management team take the time to customize our programs so that they provide the creative and cost effective solutions that fit your personal landscape needs.


Service focused

Viking conducts a thorough property review and assesses all aspects of the landscape. Our commercial maintenance team develops a plan with a comprehensive, long-term program. This approach helps our commercial clients to consider future plans, budgets and cost control measures.

Commercial Grounds Maintenance and Turf Maintenance Services include:


  • Mowing, edging and trimming lawns

  • Tree trimming

  • Lawn fertilization

  • Bark dust/mulch

  • Fire and ant treatment.

  • Broadleaf, moss and weed control

  • Weeding and raking of beds

  • Pruning of shrubs and hedges

  • Fall leaf removal

  • Litter and debris removal

  • Sweep or blow walks, drives and parking lot

Complete commercial care


  • Commercial

  • Municipal

  • Multi-Family

  • Industrial Properties

Barkdust / Mulch

There's no quicker way to brighten up a landscape than a fresh layer of bark dust or mulch. Bark dust has the added benefit of holding its color for a long time. Garden mulch has the benefit of improving your soil. Each have their own benefits. Most horticulturists and designers will recommend mulch. Most landscapers & homeowners prefer bark dust, because of its rich aesthetic appeal.

Rates for bark dust and mulch change weekly. But we are happy to come out and provide you with a free quote for your property.

Contact Viking Lawn Care for a free evaluation and price quote.

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